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Support Centre

New Product Development

Alabama Popcorn Shrimps and Banoffee Cookie Dough Ice-cream don’t just happen. There’s a whole development pipeline, managed very carefully by our NPD team. It’s fast-moving, and really quite complex. We scrutinise business and marketing briefs, spot glaring holes in the market, brainstorm ideas, source new products and work with suppliers on first-to-market solutions.

Once we’ve created a tasty new recipe in our onsite kitchen, we run concept testings to check that guests will love it. Then we’ll design training sessions to ensure the product can be lovingly re-created across the UK. We also produce all that glorious menu photography you’ve seen, ever mindful of the latest consumer trends like publishing calorie contents.

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Supply Chain

Gimme a P! Gimme an I! Gimme a Z… We wish it were so simple. Getting that slice of gorgeousness from source to slice is no mean feat. We use around 350 different food products. Somewhere in the region of 600 non-food products. And we cater for 58 million guests every year. Chairs, uniforms, mobile phone contracts, suppliers... you name it, we’re spending money on it. We do more shopping than Kim Kardashian.

Yeah, we make friends across the business. We’re rubbing shoulders with New Product Development and Planning to source ingredients. ‘We want it delicious!’ ‘But we want it cost effective!’ You know what your answer is? ‘Why not have both!’ They’re gonna love you for that. And you’ll be the Don of negotiating great rates on new restaurant fittings, working with Construction and Design. This is one streamlined, VFM, high-fiving-over-the-figures environment where every delivery is on time and on budget. Here’s a place where you can let your inner Quality Assurance guru go wild. Digging in and tasting the produce. Determining the deliciousness that’s made us famous the world over.

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Information Technology

From the Eureka! moment to the you-can’t-live-without-it moment. That’s the kind of project lifecycle we work on. The whole nine yards. We’re the innovators that make everything just seem simpler, ahead of the game and wayyyy cooler. That’s why everyone in the business relies on us! This is a company as big as your imagination. And that’s one big imagination you got, there. So the solutions you’ll work on are seriously varied, but totally focused on what’s best for business. Could be developing processes to zap our bank reconciliations into the future. Maybe you’ll hit upon an ingenious new way to use our intranet as a business tool.

Whatever the technical challenge, you’ll get your teeth into it like a hungry Hutter chomping on a slice. And imagine the job security of a global brand this size. This is a place where wild imagination cosies-up to serious work-life balance. So you can achieve all you want to achieve without burning out in the process.

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Human Resources

Life at The Hut is pretty sweet – we can’t deny it. But HR is about making it ever-better. Whether our people have been with us for 20 years or 20 minutes. We don’t churn out robots. We’re personality driven to the core. Happiest when we show the best of ourselves. Most content when we show our appreciation of others. So we constantly develop life-changing concepts that help to bring the best in us all. Group hug!

Don’t forget the end result of all this people power, though. It’s about creating a never-ending sense of guest delight. We’re supporting over 260 sites, here! If we can help our people become who they want to be, they treat our guests exactly as they deserve to be treated. And that’s only ever awesome for business. Wrist-slapping, policy-bashing defenders of the rules – look elsewhere. We’re all about new ideas, finding killer new ways to recruit amazing people and support their progression. Fact that we fill 70% of vacant roles internally should tell you a lot about the quality of our HR function. So let’s celebrate our achievements and encourage everyone to do the same! Wait, we already do? Cool! That’s all HR’s doing, too.

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Economic experts – hold onto your calculators. This is one of the most well-oiled finance machines out there. Control and Planning working together like salt and pepper. Reporting and analysing business results and setting a path for business growth that will blow the Board’s minds. Control approves, processes and records company transactions. Then reports them back to investors, statutory bodies, the Board and the rest of Pizza Hut Restaurants. We’re fraud-preventing, asset-protecting, statutory-requirement-complying financial wizards. Tons to learn, tons of opportunity to grow and develop.

We have Planning to thank for the unreal changes that we’re going through right now. New menu, new look, new vibe – these are the folks behind it. We have the Board’s ear – so when we tell them how great our new initiatives are working, they pull us in close and whisper in our ears, ‘it’s national roll-out time…’ We even get involved in the financial side of building marketing campaigns. Whichever department you choose, you’ll have exposure to lots of different areas of Pizza Hut, and the chance to get some letters after your name, like CIMA, ACCA and PPM.

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Construction & Design

Pizza Hut Restaurants are looking pretty awesome right now. So hot they almost sizzle. That’s thanks to Construction & Design. The visionary virtuosos responsible for everything property related. We got sites on high streets. We got out-of-town retail Huts. Indoor shopping centres, theme parks, you name it… we’re all about the variety. But there’s a consistency across them that hollers Taste Freedom.

Our designs are all about the guest experience. We’re the ones behind that perky new lunchtime atmosphere and that hazy new evening vibe. Yeah it’s special. We work at the fastest pace, innovating like there’s no tomorrow to make sure it’s special! Join us and you’ll be part of one of the most transformative teams around.

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We ran a pizza cutter up the middle of Marketing and made a two-half team of it. On the one side, we got ‘Today’ marketeers. The right now folks who look at where we’re at and what shapes we’re throwing. Then we got the ‘Future’ marketeers. They’re the ones planning where we’ll be when we’re ready for the next stage in our never-ending evolution. The development comes thick and fast, whichever you work in. CIM qualification sound good? Well, it’s there for the taking!

Today is all about promoting The Hut to millions. From celeb collaborations to YouTube clips. From digital content to social media and PR. From door drops to point-of-sale. So fire up those brain cylinders, smarty pants – we’re looking for innovation by the pound. Every minute of every hour of every day. Aligning perceptions of the brand to the awesome guest experience. You’ll even get involved in menu design, working with Consumer Research, Financial Planning, Restaurant Operations and Product Development.

Future is about making sure that the one we’ve got is beyond-belief incredible. This is top-secret, for-your-eyes-only, this memo will self-destruct in five seconds, hush-hush business! We’ll even make you sign the ‘Official Pizza Secrets Act’. Sure, we want you excited about the food, but if you like to share that excitement, maybe you’d be better off looking at a Today role where your jaw can flap a little more freely!

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